1'644'000'000 CHF - this is how much Swiss citizens donated in 2012

In 2012 the amount of donations made by Swiss citizens summed up to a total of 1,644 billion Swiss francs, 1.7% more than in the previous year. With this the donation total is approaching the bench mark of 2005, when - as a result of the tsunamis in Asia - , a peak of 1,709 billion Swiss francs was reached.

Private donations accounted for almost one third of the total (346 million CHF; 33.1%), followed by CHF 217 million (20.8%) donated by nonprofit organizations, religious groups and churches and the platform “Glückskette”, and CHF 198 million (19.0%) through member contributions or sponsorships.

According to the calculations of ZEWO, 64% of the donations fall to organizations which are connected with the ZEWO. 36% therefore go to organizations without the ZEWO seal of approval. Not being approved by ZEWO may have many causes.

We would like to explain the reasons which account for the association basmati not wearing the ZEWO seal of approval:

  • ZEWO is a private association, which has neither an official order by the government nor a legal basis for approving organizations and rewarding them with a seal.
  • Getting rewarded with the seal requires an extensive and costly certification process, followed by a re-certification every five years (average costs of a certification: 4500 CHF).
  • To use the seal, organizations have to pay an annual, turnover-related fee. For the association basmati this fee would be 500 CHF.
  • The financial statements must be issued according to the accounting standard Swiss GAAP FER (21) which causes extra effort and cost.

As for the transparency and liability towards our donors, association basmati does meet the requirements for a certification by ZEWO – but we rather use the money for our projects than for a seal.

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