We're online - again!

Almost seven years to the day we were releasing our first ever website on www.basmati.ch. Today, we are very happy to present our newest online appearance of basmati – authentic help to you.

If you are a dedicated observer and companion you might ask yourself : well, what’s new ? In fact, seen from a superficial point of view and regarding the overall design, there is not much to find which is new. However, and as it happens to be in life, it’s the inner values and the details that count!

We’ve been the victim of several hacking attacks throughout the last years leaving us building up the website again and again. That’s why we chose a more reliable, safe content management system for the new website. Also, we wanted to make giving and donating safer and easier. Last but not least we wanted to be ready for the future and show our current state of partnerships.

So, what’s new, after all?

  • The content of the website has been reworked and updated.
  • Most of the website is available in English now
  • Donations can be made with your credit card or Postfinance card – through the secure payment gateway of the Swiss Postfinance. Also, there are new and easy options for donations.
  • We now have a shop with some finely selected items
  • We are working on the mobile version of the site to ease the use of the website on the go
  • Technical stuff, you know… but nevermind

We don’t want to miss to thank all our partners and sponsors who made this new website possible:

  • The team of terminal42 from Lyss, Switzerland, our technical partner that worked day (and sometimes night) to get this site on track – based on the open source CMS Contao, and at no cost!
  • agentur mehrwert for designing some parts of this site and providing cool images
  • Cyon GmbH - providing resp. sponsoring the webhosting space
  • Hostpoint – who actually was our web hosting sponsor in the past years
  • Postfinance – for the valued consulting and support in order to set up the payment gateway

We hope you like it here, there are plenty of things and stories to explore, and we hope you support us in our work of supporting and helping underprivileged people in Southeast Asia.

Do not hesitate to tell all your friends and family about this site – and if you want to stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you very much and see you soon on www.basmati.ch

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