Donate with a credit card/Postcard (Swiss)

The above donations can be made with your credit card easily, just add them to the basket. If you wish to donate other amounts, just multiply or combine different donations (e.g. 4 x 20 CHF).

If you chose Paypal* over our secure credit card payment terminal, feel free to do so by clicking this button:

Donating with ebanking

association basmati
P.O. Box 125
8166 Niederweningen (Switzerland)

Postfinance (bank) account
PC 85-156062-0
IBAN CH11 0900 0000 8515 6062 0

If you want to donate to a specific project just quote the organisation's name with your donation.**

Donating with a paying slip

If you wish to make your donation with a Swiss paying slip (Einzahlungsschein) we can send you one. Just drop your name and address here (Swiss addresses only):


Directly to the projects

If you are used to European banking standards, to send money to Southeast Asia ist a complicated thing and costly. Although you will find a direct link for making donations on almost every website of our projects we do not encourage to do so. Why?

Well, mainly because there will be a fee that makes your donation smaller. Also you will not get a donation confirmation that can be used for tax purposes. Making your donation through basmati does not only guarantee a 100% of your donation going to the project (since we cover the transaction fees), you will also get a confirmation from us which can be used for tax purposes (in case you are Swiss or are taxable in Switzerland).

* | PayPal does have small fees for transactions which are not covered by basmati.

** | Please use ebanking if possible since Postfinance does apply fees to payments made at a counter.

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