How «basmati - authentic help» works

Do you want your donation to reach its final destination as directly and efficiently as possible? Then this is the place to be. At «basmati - authentic help» you get independent, firsthand information on a carefully selected range of projects in Southeast Asia worth supporting. Our aim is to build a bridge between you as a donor and the project we follow – most of them for years now, already.

But how do we find these organizations? Well, we found them already, on our numerous research missions to the Mekong subregion in the past years. And we’re still seeking for new ones, as well. However, our goal is to have a finely selected range of projects, not too many. Those we choose to support can be found on this platform, and we want you to make the acquaintance of those wonderful projects. Their field of operations ranges from home and learning centers for children to human and animal welfare, medical support and development projects such as clean drinking water programs. These folks really do a very good job by sacrificing themselves for a good cause.

Throughout the years we’ve found many new, wonderful friends within those projects and we’re grateful for the relationships we were able to establish. This is how we’re bound to these organizations. And we’re sharing it with you by telling their story. It’s firsthand information on causes worth supporting.

If you share our sympathy, you’re welcome to support «basmati - authentic help» and our projects.

100% for the projects - that's a promise!

As a donor and donor, you can choose between two ways of supporting our projects:

1. Donate to «basmati - authentic help» with an explicit endorsement, for which project(s) your money is intended. We collect your donation and route them - along with other donations for the same project - to the project. The full 100% of it, because the fee for transferring money is borne by «basmati - authentic help» without touching your donation.

2. You donate to «basmati - authentic help» without special endorsement for a specific project. Your donation will be collected in a huge “honey pot”. Our projects receive regular donations from this pot – so your money ends up to go the projects by 100% as well.

And who pays the administration costs?

We’re a nonprofit organization, so we pay no wages. Of course our work generates costs - for advertising, office supply and other expenses such as our research trips, which lead us to Southeast Asia on a regular basis. However, we’re not touching your donation to cover these expenses. The full amount of money used for this originates in the private funds of the board members. So your donation is going only one place: the project you want to support.

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