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Our field of activity is Southeast Asia - especially the countries Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Learn more about these countries and how we experience them.


Decades have passed since the reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge and the terrible genocide of their own people. After years of reconstruction, however, Cambodia is now slipping straight into a new age of crisis. The economic boom of recent years has shamelessly enriched the upper class and influential people around the autocratic regime, while a large part of the population continues to live in poor conditions. Opposition parties and critical NGOs are being levered out or banned, as is the free press. In addition, the prime minister, who has been in office since 1985 and boasts of having brought peace to the country after the Khmer Rouge, openly threatens retaliation and civil war if there is a change of regime.

So the welfare of the people of Cambodia is not at its best at the moment, human rights are in a very difficult position.

Capital city

Phnom Penh

Official language



16'005'000 (2017)



Education expenditures (in % of GDP)


Access to clean drinking water

78,5 %

Access to safe sanitation

59,2 %

Organisations we believe in

Angkor Hospital for Children


When Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) officially opened its doors in 1999, the children's hospital consisted of just three Cambodian doctors, ten nurses, numerous medical volunteers - and one hospital bed. Today, AHC has successfully realised its original vision of being a "world-class hospital for Cambodians, run by Cambodians".

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They are small, furry and so cute that you almost forget that they are one of the most effective means of detecting deadly anti-personnel mines: the Hero Rats of the Belgian organisation APOPO. Two of these mine-sniffing rats, coordinated by two supervisors, can search over 200 square metres of land within an hour. It would take a mine clearance worker one and a half days to achieve the same.

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When we first met the initiator and founder of Chibodia, Samuel Pehlke, in 2008, he was in the process of building a school in a small village not far from Udong in Cambodia.  But this was only the beginning.

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First Step Cambodia


First Step Cambodia helps, supports and intervenes in cases of sexual abuse and focuses on the male victims - because sexual abuse of boys is an even bigger taboo in Cambodia than in our country.

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The clay pots of the RDI-C are a sensation. The simplest but highly effective water filters are made from clay and rice straw, which save lives and cost almost nothing. And this is just one of many innovations and ideas with which RDI-C has been improving the lives of Cambodians for years.

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Current projects

  • Education

    IT for Laos 3.0

    We are equipping the Laotian primary schools with computers - help now to carry out the third tranche of our major project.