Building the future in Cambodia

When we first met the initiator and founder of Chibodia, Samuel Pehlke, in 2008, he was in the process of building a school in a small village not far from Udong in Cambodia.  But this was only the beginning.  Since 2006, the German organisation Chibodia has been working for the rights of children in Cambodia with untiring commitment and determination.

Things are changing extremely fast in Cambodia.  We have been visiting this country regularly for over more than 15 years, and each time we are amazed by the pace of development.  Equally astonishing and remarkable is what Chibodia has achieved in recent years:  Together with his wife Anne and Chibodia's comrades-in-arms, the former nurse Sam has not only expanded the rural school for around 400 children mentioned at the beginning but has also opened two children's homes and a student residence in Phnom Penh and built three local small clinics for the poor population.

We support Chibodia and admire how in all these years it has not been overwhelmed by the problems and the sometimes extremely adverse conditions that characterise everyday life in Cambodia.  We admire the enthusiasm, the energy and the will with which the staff of Chibodia has improved the situation for many Cambodian children and adults in recent years.

It is also worth mentioning that the administrative expenses of Chibodia are fully covered by the circle of active Chibodia members.  Thus, every Swiss franc donated goes directly to the people in Cambodia.

For details about the individual projects of Chibodia, we gladly refer to the website of the organisation:

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Current projects

  • Education

    IT for Laos 3.0

    We are equipping the Laotian primary schools with computers - help now to carry out the third tranche of our major project.