Clean drinking water is a human right

"We're making more than just pots" was written on an RDI-C flyer once. And even if they did: the RDI-C's clay pots are a sensation. The simplest but highly effective water filters are made from clay and rice straw. They save lives at almost no costs. But this is just one of many innovations and ideas with which Ressource Development International - Cambodia has been improving the lives of Cambodians for years.

RDI-Cambodia is an American non-profit organisation with the principle of helping the Cambodian people in a dynamic way. RDI-C combines technology, education and cordiality. Each RDI-C project stands alone but taken together, the tools are much more effective and more than the sum of their parts.

Local communities are involved as much as possible to strengthen the ownership of the villagers. In addition, RDI-C has established a professional laboratory in recent years that meticulously analyses and maps Cambodia's water quality. Last but not least, RDI-C conducts educational work to show the often poorly educated people in remote regions of Cambodia the connections between clean water, safe sanitation and health.

Through its holistic approach, RDI-C has a sustainable impact on the entire country. Or as an old Chinese proverb says: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

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Current projects

  • Education

    IT for Laos 3.0

    We are equipping the Laotian primary schools with computers - help now to carry out the third tranche of our major project.