Flyer? Poster? Posterflyer!

Our new flyer is - finally - here. Why this is important to us and what story is behind it.

In an increasingly digital world, analogue things like flyers have an increasingly difficult time. Today, most of our communication is also taking place electronically and by digital means. Nevertheless, we are pleased with our new information flyer. There are several reasons for this.

Above all, we want to reach people outside the digital world and to give them the time to take a quiet look at what we do and what we stand for. We would like to draw a picture of the environment in which we operate and use (not so) trivia information to build a bridge between our world and that of our partners in South East Asia.

«Handcraftet» - the story behind it

The association basmati is a small organisation with an equally small budget. Nevertheless, we put a lot of heart and soul, sensitivity and filigree skills into our work, we still tackle with our own hands and sometimes a few shavings fly. - «handcraftet» so to speak, craftsmanship. This was our approach for re-designing our brand, which also applies to the flyer or course.

All elements on the flyer are entirely handmade and made of paper - from the title page to the rat and the diagram bars. And of course the heart of the flyer, which, in fact, is a poster: the fantastic and detailed paper model of South East Asia. The Peruvian artist Carla Eráusquin Bayona created this exclusively for association basmati.

We hope that you like our flyer as much as we do. And if you would like to distribute a few copies of it to friends and acquaintances or put it up somewhere, please write to us. We will be happy to send you a bunch. The flyer is available in German and English.

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