Reinforcing the board

We are pleased to welcome two new members to the association basmati board.

The new year brings new support for the association basmati in the form of an expanded board. We are pleased to welcome Vanessa Bay and Gianni Moccetti as two new faces to our ranks and look forward to their participation.

The two new board members were elected on the occasion of the 14th General Assembly held online at the beginning of February 2021. The association basmati expects new impulses and of course more charisma from the broadening of the board. Both Vanessa Bay and Gianni Moccetti not only have special expertise, but also a broad network.

As the owner of a PR agency based in Switzerland with branches in Germany and Austria, Vanessa Bay has many years of experience in media work and communication. She has already shared this experience with association basmati. Gianni Moccetti, on the other hand, puts his heart and soul into tourism as a long serving, established tourism buff. He's in semi-retirement and a proven connoisseur of Southeast Asia.

We warmly welcome the two new board members and look forward to a fruitful exchange and a successful future for the association basmati.

Annual Report 2020 (German only)

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