We just shipped a container full of hardware - so you don't have to.

Within twelve months, our IT for Laos project has become a huge success, surpassing all our expectations. But that's why we need your help.

The incredible count of 1424 monitors, almost as many mice and keyboards and a few dozen computers have come together as a hardware donation since our call about 12 months ago. These are 24 fully packed Euro pallets or a complete shipping container of 12 meters length. We loaded one of these at the end of August and sent it on its journey to Laos.

Our IT for Laos project has thus become a success that exceeds all our expectations. This was made possible in particular by KPMG Switzerland with its generous hardware donation. But not only in terms of quantity does the project exceed our wildest dreams, but also financially. The total cost of the project over the next three years will amount to several hundred thousand Swiss francs.

The costs for storage, handling and transportation to Laos alone will exceed the annual budget of our entire organization. So if you would like to support our project, you're chance is now: the easiest way is to "buy" a cubic metre of our container.

Donate now to IT for Laos by "buying" one (or more) cubic meter of the container from us and help us to make a better education possible for thousands of students in Laos.

Story to be continued!

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