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Our own, very special travel notebook (which can be used for other things than taking notes on travels, of course). It's quality puts it on top of most the available notebooks on the market, making it a very special gift for you and your loved ones. And it serves a good cause.
CHF 66.00
  • 12,5 x 17cm
  • 288 blank pages, thread-stitching
  • Lucky dragon emobossing with Thai, Khmer and Lao letters: "Do not be selfish"
  • Leather imitate
  • Pouch made out of pure thai silk (outer side)

Bruce Chatwin and Ernest Hemingway made history with it. However, you needn't be a man of letters to record big an little travel adventures in a travel notebook. The travel diary is a constant companion and silent chronicler on our travels as well. Every now and then, we browse through old copies to revive long past and forgotten moments and to indulge in reminiscences.

We from basmati - authentic help want to keep alive and to liven up the tradition of the travel notebook. So we decided to publish our own extraordinary travel notebook for the association basmati. With this book you help our projects. Every copy of this book makes a small but important contribution to the support of the work of the association basmati. All proceeds will be invested in our projects in Southeast Asia for the help of the people in Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and further more.

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