What you can do

Your support is worth a lot

With your own fundraising campaign you can reach many people in your area and quickly raise a significant amount of money. Whether solidarity yoga class or club bingo, whether office fundraising or private flea market - start your own fundraising campaign and support us. We will support you.

Rock star, office nerd, board game fanatic?

Basically, every occasion among friends and acquaintances (in the case of the rock star also fans) is suitable for a fundraising campaign.

  • It doesn't matter if you're already filling halls or if you are still fiddling around with your school band - every rock star has what is needed to fundraise: a crowd. Organize a benefit concert with your band and other bands you know.
  • Throw a small office party or an office aperitif and collect among your colleagues for a project of your choice - whether for better education or animals in need. With a bit of charm you will surely get your bosses to double the amount you collect.
  • You invite your friends to a barbecue/fondue party/game evening? Then tell them about our projects and organisations worthy of support and motivate them to fill a small donation pot together with you.

Overly motivated club member? Like fun gatherings?

As club you can take advantage of your loyal base if you want to donate money for one of our projects. Of course, fun should not be neglected either.

  • Hold a fun bingo night or invite to a thundering pub quiz in your clubhouse.
  • Organise a charity run and motivate your environment to donate a small amount for certain achievements. Or organise a fun race/tournament to which you invite the whole village. This way you can collect entrance fees, but also get more money to donate through possible sales at food and drink stands.

Yoga teacher? Master baker? Small business owner?

You are self-employed and/or have your own company that offers services or products? Then solidarity actions are a great instrument to collect donations for a good cause with little effort. Want some ideas?

  • Invite your yoga students to a special solidarity yoga class. The proceeds (and voluntary donations) will go to a project of your choice or to our organisation.
  • Offer your customers special, limited products from your range - whether at a normal or a solidarity price. For each sale, a small amount of donation goes into a pot.
  • Match a part of your sales for a certain promotion period with a donation. This way, each direct sale contributes to your total donation.
  • Do you send Christmas cards and even Christmas presents to your customers every year? Why not donate the money to a specific project or organisation instead and tell your customers about it? Your commitment will certainly be appreciated and motivates others to do the same.

Flea market pro? Baking fetishist?

  • Flea markets and garage sales are a great thing and help in many ways: old, no longer used things find new, enthusiastic owners instead of them ending up in the garbage. If you give up the proceeds in favour of a good cause you often achieve even higher prices. You will also meet many people to whom you can tell about your favourite project.
  • Do you love baking (or cooking) or do you make things yourself that are good to sell at a Christmas market? Then rent a stand at the local Christmas market in your village and collect for a good cause.


IMPORTANT: If you would like to support the association basmati or a specific project with a fundraising campaign, we will of course be happy to help you in advance and provide you with information and material (e.g. flyers) to support your campaign.

Contact us so that we can help you to make your campaign a success.