Who we are

Change starts at the bottom.

We're not against huge, multinational organisations - we just believe that there are more effective ways to make a change for the better with a donation. For a better future for everybody and everything.

How we fincance ourselves

basmati - authentic help is the right place for anyone who wants to use their donation as directly and efficiently as possible. basmati provides information about organisations and projects worthy of support and promotes communication and exchange between donors and recipients.

In Southeast Asia - as in the rest of the world - there are hundreds of organisations and projects that deserve support, that work efficiently and sustainably, but are rarely considered by potential donors due to lack of publicity and limited funds.

By identifying such organisations and projects, visiting them and reporting about them in a serious manner, we create a platform for them. The focus of basmati - authentic help is on aid and development projects that cannot count on the support of large supranational institutions and that have no connection with religious groups. Whether these are educational, environmental or welfare projects is not important for us.

What is important, however, is that we get a picture of the projects, talk to the people affected and the people working on the organisations/projects and can tell a story first hand. This is what we are basically interested in: telling the story in order to create a more direct, conscious and donor-involving access to the people affected.

Our goal is not to have as many projects as possible to choose from, but rather a few for whose quality and serious work we can vouch. Nevertheless, we would like to offer our donors and supporters the widest possible range from which they can choose their heart's topics.

100% for the organisations/projects - that's a promise

As a donor you can choose between two ways to support our organisations/projects:

  1. You donate to basmati - authentic help with an explicit note stating for which organisation or project the money is intended. We collect your donation and forward it - together with other donations for the same project - 100% of it. And we mean 100%, because basmati - authentic help pays the fee for the money transfer without having to resort to external donations.
  2. You donate to basmati - authentic help without a special mention for a specific project or organisation. We collect this donation in a general donation pot. This money will either be used to support organisations and projects directly or will be used indirectly by contributing and covering project- and organisation-related costs on our side.

And who's paying the overhead costs?

basmati - authentic help is a non-profit organisation and does not pay salaries. Of course we also incur costs - for advertising, for consumables and also for our research trips, which take us to Southeast Asia at regular intervals. However, these expenses are not paid from outside donations, but from private funds of the board members or dedicated donations of patron members and supporters.