Who is «basmati - authentic help»?

«basmati - authentic help» was founded in 2007 by two Swiss, Raphaël Surber, a communications expert, and André Laubacher, graphic designer.

The curriculum vitae of Raphaël Surber (b. 1972) spans from a master degree in marketing communications by the University of Basel to more than 20 years work as a journalist to a graduadion in Web Design. Since 2011 he's Managing Partner of the full service marketing agency «agentur mehrwert» in Baden AG (Switzerland), which he founded together with André Laubacher (b. 1980).

In January 2008 the organisation transformed into the officially registered non-profit organization «association basmati». Third member of the board was former journalist and editor Peter Spycher. In 2010 Susanne Soo Jin Surber (b. 1971, married to Raphaël Surber) joined the board. Susanne was born in South Korea but raised in Switzerland.

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